We don't know what we're doing, but there's a first for everything...

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I've always wanted to do a video for "Waiting On You," even when I released the 2019

acoustic version of the song. At the time, the idea I had for that video featured two people (a man and a women) being placed in different scenarios, back to back facing away from each other. It would be shot in a way that was similar to the video for the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song "Love Letter" (look it up). Obviously, that got scrapped.

I can't really say when I got the idea to have the video to be "animated," but afterwards I was hooked. Because of the subject matter of the song, I thought it should be drawn in a style that was "innocent" and something you would find in a children's book. Adults tend to be a bit bitter or stone-faced when it comes to the end of a relationship, but as a teenager

there is that naïveté/optimism that "things can turn around if I keep holding on." I'm sure we all have felt that, and maybe just maybe sometimes miss it at times. With these ideas, only one artist came to mind: Anne Dandan I've known Anne for quite a few years now. Having met through a mutual friend, both Anne and I bonded as we were big fans of Nine Inch Nails, often talking about how much she loved their circa 2005/2007 guitarist Aaron North (jk Anne lol). Remembering her artwork, I knew she was the perfect person to helm the style for the music video. I contacted her sometime Pre-Pandemic, because I figured, since I'd never done something like this before, I should get in touch with her sooner rather than later to start the process. Good thing she agreed, because there was NO plan B! Haha.

Pre-Pandemic, the original plan for theDramedy in 2020 was to release an EP during the summer with the "Waiting On You" lyric video being released in August. Then the pandemic hit, plans were changed, the EP evolved into a larger album (to be released in 2021), and the lyric video for "Waiting On You" was moved to release December 2020. This actually worked in our favor because it gave us time to breathe and to really figure out how the main character would look, what scenes needed to be drawn, how many stills were needed, etc. Phone calls were made, storyboards were created, sketches were drawn out. I created a mock video with the initial sketches Anne sent over and discovered the illustrations were strong enough to stand as a full music video (as opposed to the Lyric video it was originally planned to be). With that decision, it made more sense to start 2021 fresh and release it in January with the new album soon following in March.

I am beyond pleased with at how it turned out. As an artist, I'm always up for a challenge. And working with the talented Anne Dandan to help develop and produce this "animated" music video was quite a learning experience for us both. Neither of us knew what we were doing, but that's what keeps things fun and fresh (which I'm sure Anne would agree with). I'm honored to have had the opportunity to work with her and hopefully will again in the future. I'm also super pleased with the responses I've gotten from all of you! It's wonderful that both the video and song resonated with many of you. The ultimate goal for theDramedy has always been connection. (I thought it was fascinating that some people thought the sentiment sweet and others thought the character should just get over it haha!) I completely understand both sides, and often I find myself wondering which side of the fence I fall on. I guess time will tell.... Thanks! d.


I met Dave through one of my best buds who's been friends with him for ages. Even went to a few of his shows when he'd come back up to the Bay. After poking fun at my music choices it was clear we were friends. Just kidding. I have good taste in music (haha, kidding Dave! We're still pals, right?!). When he approached me about drawing the art for the video, I was both hyped and nervous —it was over 30 drawings! In traditional media! But Dave made it clear that he wanted the art to be cute and simple —exactly the style I like to draw. Cute, simple, but of course I wanted them to be GOOD as I could draw them. The song has the feeling of heartbreak and longing and when I began scribbling the first sketches I wanted to draw this kid where, when the audience watches the video might think..."man, this poor guy". The process was pretty straightforward: I'd sketch it then show it to Dave before inking and coloring. Watercolor is my medium of choice, though I almost wanted to try digital even when I haven't worked much in it. Even if there were some obvious advantages to digital, I'm much more comfy with traditional. Of course - the scary thing is...if my pen slips or the coloring isn't how I wanted it, there's no ctrl+z! 30+ drawings was A LOT but I definitely had a fun time working on this project. And what with the pandemic going on, it was awesome to have something fun to keep me busy! So, thanks Dave! Very thankful to have been a part of making this video. So if you haven't watched it - STAHP READING and watch! Anne Dandan instagram: @wrathofbom


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