The Light Shines Bright... 03.12.21

I've always had a love/hate relationship with photos. Obviously, they’re important to help establish (and maintain) the aesthetic of a band or project. Getting photos done for theDramedy can be very difficult, because honestly, I’m just a nervous wreck! It’s hard to embody ease and comfort in front on a camera.

The first few photo sessions for theDramedy were done by my close friend Craig Gallery (who was also responsible for filming the "What Time Is Life?" music video). Because we were close and they already understood what theDramedy was about, it was easy to get comfortable with them. Around 2019 I made the decision to get out of my comfort zone and collaborate with new photographers, and get a different perspective. I ended up reaching out to Janine Driskill, whom I had worked with briefly a few years prior.

A little background:

Sometime around 2017, I handled the bass in post punk/deathrock band Readership Hostile. Janine Driskill (and girlfriend of guitarist Benn Ra) shot most of their photos, be it for a promo or live. While in the band, I did plenty of live shows and one promo session with her. I got along with and liked her work. I decided to contact her and see if she would be interested in shooting some promos for theDramedy.

Janine isn’t a classically trained photographer, and much of her process is intuitive and experimental. I appreciate her love of her craft and her willingness to learn and try new things. That's always been my philosophy: being open to try anything. Literally as soon as we set foot on scene, her shutter starts clicking. And I haven't even gotten in the "zone" yet! But it's that kind of process that makes things fun, keeps me on my toes, but at the same time, I’m also relaxed. After working with Janine for the last few years, I don't feel nervous or worried because I know the integrity of theDramedy is in good hands.

This past January we got together to shoot some new Dramedy photos for 2021, and it was certainly time with the new album release quickly approaching in mid-March. We met up around 2 pm or so in Century City, set up, and did our “business as usual” session. Lucky for us, the area was pretty deserted due to the ongoing 2020 pandemic (ugh). So many of the photos turned out really amazing! The setting, the poses, the gray weather, Janine's editing... the combination of all of these things gave a magical quality to the images. The more I stared at them the more I thought that these photos would best serve as the "theme" of the new album, and not just standard promo shots (which was their initial intent).

I could say that the title of the new record did not come from looking at the images, but that would be a lie. Truth be told, the title "And The Light Goes White" was birthed from this session. There were some other ideas/song titles laid out on the table, but these sealed the deal for me. My favorite image (and the final choice for the cover), was not only cool, but also captured the lyrical themes of the record with it’s stark white background and shadowy figure with arm raised towards the sky. At the time, the only motive with this shoot was to get some promo photos shot; so, discovering the album cover in this shoot was a very nice surprise.

I'm very fortunate to know Janine as both a friend as well as a collaborator with theDramedy. We both feel at ease with each session we do. She will always be one of the first people I contact when theDramedy needs photos done. So a toast to our friendship and to our future sessions!

Be sure to preorder theDramedy's forthcoming record "And The Light Goes White!" It comes out March 19th but there's no reason to wait ;).



I first met Dave when he briefly joined my boyfriend's band Readership Hostile. I took pictures of the band at their gigs and I also did some promo shots for them. After Dave left the band to concentrate on theDramedy, we kept in touch.

Dave and I have worked together a few times. He usually either has a location already picked out or has an idea in mind of what he would like to accomplish from the photo session. Sometimes he'll send me some samples. He is his own art director. This last time we worked together was the first time that the end result perfectly resembled the samples that he sent to me. So, that was a good day in my opinion. Dave is pretty easy going and we seem to laugh a lot while shooting.

I do photography because I enjoy it and it is how I relax. I'm not even sure how to work the different settings on my camera, (I push the shutter button and that's it)! If I'm outside, I can't see the camera screen at all. So I pretty much just try to shoot from different angles and hope something turns out. It's always a surprise to see what I end up with which is half the fun! And then there's editing them! I really like how the mood of an image can completely change just by adjusting some contrast and color settings.

Since I'm not a ‘classically trained’ photographer, I was shocked and flattered when Dave told me that he chose one of my photos as his album cover! I am so happy that these photos turned out well, because there have been some misses in the past. This was Dave's vision and I am still in disbelief. I love the way the cover turned out!


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