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Here are a couple of "behind the scenes" footage taken when theDramedy was filming the "I Still See You (body mix)" music video. The outcome of any video will always appear slick and easy, but in actuality it's far from it. Many hours are spent on things like setting up the camera, making sure the lighting is great, experimenting with the angles, continuity issues (which there is one, see if you can spot it!). And sometimes, SOMETIMES...... after everything is set up, ready to go and filmed the shot doesn't even work! Haha. It's not that uncommon actually, in the world of film making, and our 5 minute 12 second music video actually took about 75+ different shots! Now... No matter how serious of an artist you are, you're bound to lose it on a few takes throughout whole process ;).

So sit back, have a good laugh and enjoy! As you can tell we are very "serious" about our work! You can check out more of our outtakes and goofs here.


"I Still See You (body mix)" was filmed around the tail end of 2018, on and off across a couple of weeks (months?) at two locations in Los Angeles. Dave theDramedy directed the piece, Nick Carey filmed it and James O'Heron aka Software Jackal edited it (and what a fantastic job he did!). You can view the full video on our media page.


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