Greetings from Quarantine


Since I auditioned / joined theDramedy two months ago I have been rehearsing nonstop. And oh my god! I know I'm not the greatest but the hard work is paying off! The two men in the band, Dave and Michael, are the greatest bandmates I have ever met. They are very serious about their work and carry a great deal of passion and patience. Dave loves to move and headbang a lot which is one way that has helped me learn the music. That it comes from a place a feeling as opposed to techniques... I really appreciate that. Michael always pushes me to play tighter and more focused, sometimes to the point where I can't move my feet (LOL)! All kidding aside, watching his hand and hitting my bass right on his beat has really been a good guide for me. But I still don't understand American jokes!! All I know is "why did the chicken cross the road?" (LOL!) I just stand there and smile politely while they both enjoy their American jokes ;). My English is still not so good but I really enjoy playing in theDramedy. Keep an eye on us, we'll be rocking the world soon! And as far as what's going on with the current situation in our country, I'm just trying to be as positive as I can. Working and rehearsing our music really helps out a lot, as well as being with family. Thank you, please be safe! Africa Jett


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