2020 has passed... Now what...?

First blog of 2021, and it's a bit of a 'two-parter.' So before we talk about 2020, let's talk about the picture above since it is "Flashback Friday." I'm sure many of you can relate to this sentiment (perhaps point it in the direction of 2020). This picture was taken back when I worked at Tower Records in The Stonestown Mall in San Francisco, way back in 1999/2000. And I can assure you it was in jest. The Stonestown Mall is located right by San Francisco State University; both are still there, Tower is not.

This wasn't the first time I worked at Tower Records. My first brush was at the San Mateo location (another story altogether filled with crime, drama, threats, broken hearts, etc.). Out of the two locations, the SF location was far superior. It was close to SFSU, so the people who got hired were a bit more mature in the "right way" as opposed to the SM Tower which were just a bunch of high school "punks." My buddy Steve and I would take our skateboards during our lunch break and skate around the parking lot of the mall. Steve purchased the magazines for Tower, so I was able to get any magazine for FREE so long as he ripped the cover off it first (shh! ;P).

As far as titles go, I worked in the video department. I wasn't much of a film person at the time, but I liked because hardly anyone came into 'video' (as opposed to the main floor). We were supposed to play movies on the VCR, but I preferred to play videos from the "Music Section." If you came into 'video' while I was working you'd typically see flashes of David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, Concrete Blonde, Siouxsie And The Banshees, and The Cure (among others) on the screen. That was until a DVD player was hooked up... And then I started playing movies on the VCR, but only because I could split the difference: music CD in the DVD, film on the screen. Haha!

Working at a record store is probably one of the BEST jobs (in my humble opinion)! I had some real good times while at Tower (I mean check out the Bass Ticketmaster booth sign and the EZ CD opener tool in the background!). This photo (and the many others I found), bring back some crazy memories. _____

Fast forward and we find ourselves here today. 2020 has passed... So, now what? What do we do after a year full of bad luck and tragedy? It really was an overwhelming year and everyone knows what I'm talking about... There are just too many to list. But the ever persistent question whispering in my mind: "Is it even really over yet?" The vaccine will be doled out, but nothing is going to change immediately. It's no question that there will be a readjustment period for everyone, including me.

When the first lockdown hit back in March 2020, I was one of the few people who welcomed it. I was quite happy to stay home. Before the lockdown, I was constantly on the move and busy with so many things, in addition to theDramedy. When the orders came to stay home it was a godsend. At last I finally had the time to breathe, to rest, to focus on other ways to stimulate the mind. I finished books, watched movies, and got to really listen to the records in my vinyl collection. And I got quite a few things done for theDramedy to keep the ball rolling!

A couple of music videos were created during the lockdown, "What Time Is Life?" and "She Knows." (Plus, I learned how to edit in Final Cut and iMovie!) I got some Dramedy t-shirts made, a Halloween card, did a couple of photoshoots, and last (but most certainly not least) I was able to use the time to write/record a new Dramedy album (coming March 2021)! I'm really excited to share this new album with you because I think the songs are topnotch. Not only that but it also shows that, in the great words of Doc Brown, "if you really put your mind to it you can accomplish anything." A true sign of the times.

So all of this happened during the first lockdown. Now in the second lockdown, it was a totally different affair: one filled with restlessness, agitation, fatigue, insomnia, paranoia, boredom. A downward spiral into anxiety served with a simmering layer of bitterness. During the first lockdown I had plenty of things to keep me busy, but that wasn't the same story in the fall. Now I was forced to delve in the only direction available, inwards into my mind and soul.

I've never been one to shy away from introspection. (I actually quite welcome it.) It was a bit different this time around, and while many issues have been put to bed, there were a few that I uncovered that I was quite surprised were still around (at a slightly smaller capacity). Maybe it's because of the climate, or maybe I just never took care of them in the first place, but they definitely haven't made lockdown #2 easy to deal with. Regardless, I am grateful to bring to light these concerns, and start down the road of healing.

In any case, 2021 will be journey both for myself and theDramedy. I commit to tackle these issues head on with my heart open. theDramedy will forge ahead despite there being no telling what will happen with the musical climate. All bets are off. I embrace the change and will not shy away from moving forward.

2021 here we come, Happy New Year.





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