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Darkness Calling Interview

Check out the NEW interview that Dave Dramedy did for Darkness Calling! If you are unfamiliar with Darkness Calling they are promotion company based in Los Angeles, CA that 100% believes in community and giving back. Never charging to promote music, promote the artists, interviews, etc. Great people! And Dave is happy to be working with. Check out the full interview below. (And don't forget to check out Darkness Calling on at @darknesscallingofficial on Instagram.)

Procession Magazine Issue 3 Review (Summer 2021)

The Dramedy is Dave Dramedy, through and through. Dave's latest album, And The Light Goes White, is a rancorous, sneering, optimistic, and face punching shout-out to being alive today. The album bridges the gaps between punk rock, indie rock, and maybe even some screamo, by delivering with such a great kinetic energy and bite that it is hard to put down. The Clock Strikes Heaven is a great rock-and-roll anthem for living life on the edge, while tracks like Waiting On You and All Our Yesterdays showcase a slower, laid back vibe that just rolls forward. Overall, a fun album from such a fun artist.


For fans of: Firewater, Caroline Blind, Public Enemy


Sounds + Shadows Album Review

Another review for the new Dramedy album "And The Light Goes White" courtesy of Sounds & Shadows, thank you!

All Access Music Album Review

New interview conducted by All Access Music! Dave sheds some light on the making of the new Dramedy album "And The Light Goes White" as well as other things. Read on...



Album review for the new Dramedy album "And The Light Goes White" courtesy of SUBKULTURE.NET. Read on!

AltVenger Album Review

Check out this review AltVenger Magazine! I think they summed the new album up best, read on...


Onyx Music Reviews Album Review

Album review for the new Dramedy record "And The Light Goes White" courtesy of Onyx Music Reviews!

Album Review (Francisco Ezequiel)

(a.k.a theDramedy's first fan)

We're just four days away from the release of the new record "And The Light Goes White," and the first review is in! I'm honored that it comes from an important individual in the world of The Dramedy by the name of Francisco Ezequiel. I officially christen Francisco as The Dramedy's first fan (aka public enemy #1) because he was someone who's been there since beginning (at least, who I didn't already know). Given our history, it's only fair that he writes the first review for the new record. So read on! If there's anyone that knows theDramedy it's this man right here!

Francisco 2.jpg

Music Video Spotlight: Parasite 
(New Noise Magazine)

Video feature on New Noise Magazine for theDramedy's "Parasite" lyric video.