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Can you guess what's going on?!

theDramedy has been using its time wisely and we are thrilled to say that we have started the recording process on a new album! Yes, believe it or not, during these Covid times we've managed to write a collection of songs that are pretty damn good. Personally, I feel that they are a very strong representation of where we are at in this moment in time. Moving forward with the sound but still retaining the integrity and identity of theDramedy. We're aiming for recording to wrap by the end of the year, with the album dropping February or March 2021.

Exciting times indeed! Stay tuned for more things to come from theDramedy in the coming months. I promise you won't be disappointed. ;)



The filming for the "Darklands" music video was really interesting and a series of firsts. 1. It was theDramedy’s first collaboration with Fernando Balzan, an award winning filmmaker from South America. I met him the previous year and became quite enamored with his short film "Angel,” and asked if he would be interested in collaborating. He said yes! And with each music video I always want to try different things, so for "Darklands" it was decided to film in a public space, which led to guerrilla type filming. We didn't have a permit (nor did we even try to get one), which gave us limited time frame to film: like "two to three hours to get all the footage" type of limited! And we couldn’t be too obvious while filming, so it we had to do it on the sly.

I'm not sure the exact date, but filming took place in Hermosa Beach at about 10:30pm, in hopes that there would be less people out. Fortunately for us, the streets were practically empty. And this was pre-COVID! I do remember there were a lot of police patrolling and for a moment I was a little nervous due to our lack of permits, but no one bothered us. And then I was nervous about “getting into character” and "acting" in a public area (sans live show). Although there weren’t a lot of people out, there were enough there to make me think, “but what if I look stupid?!” After filming began, I became more comfortable with it, and that the people that saw us pretty much didn't give a shit. (They still probably thought we looked stupid, LOL.)

The making of "Darklands" was a fun experience. I got to try something new and Fernando got to play with a new video camera (hence why the footage was so crisp). He also tackled editing the video together which I think he did a fantastic job of getting the feeling / mood that I wanted to portray. I mean... all Fernando had to go on was: “Dave walking around looking tortured and sad!" So yeah, he did a really great job! The time constraints also enabled us to get really creative and more focused with what we wanted to shoot. (Unlike the making of the "I Still See You (body mix)" music video where we basically had unlimited time.) No goofing around was too be had for "Darklands," and this “behind the scenes" footage is evident of that.




What makes a rock n' roll band and a rock star?


OK....Let's see​... PASSION! The first thing is PASSION!

Passion for the team.

Passion for music.

Passion for rock n' roll.

Passion for rehearsal.

Passion for getting better.

Passion for performing.

Passion for the sake of showing you passion on the stage!

I always believe that NOTHING is gonna stop the power of rock n roll. Rock n' roll can save everything. It's the religion in my heart.




The stage is our whole world. Prepare well and just do it.

There is no fear in rock n' roll.

The second is TEAM WORK. It's actually the most important one.

A rock n' roll band must play tight and have chemistry on the stage. They must understand each other and work as one.

Aaannnnnnddd, you will feel everything I've said when you come see theDramedy!

Thank you for reading, cheers!

- Africa Jett