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New Music Video: "Circle The Road"

The new music video for "Circle The Road" is now available for your viewing pleasure! It features the stop motion/puppet expertise of Serra Gulari, and really brings the song to a fantastic new level. Though it is a collaboration between Serra and I, the term is used VERY loosely. Not only did Serra create the puppets by hand, she also came up with the concept for tthe video and then handled directing and editing duties. I am honored that she took the time and energy to make "Circle The Road" what it is.




"Circle The Road" Video Friday Dec 10th!

The "Circle The Road" music video will debut two weeks from now, on Friday Dec 10th. It's a collaboration between theDramedy and stop motion artist/puppet maker Serra Gulari. Stay tuned...


Coming Soon...

theDramedy has an exciting new project in the works! Stay tuned!


It's Spooky Season, Y'all!

October is upon us which means only one thing, HALLOWEEN! That's right, and what better way to celebrate it than to pick up a Dramedy Halloween card! No Halloween season is complete without it! 

Celebrate All Hallows Eve (or Samhain if you prefer) with these 5" x 7" LIMITED EDITION holiday cards perfect for any age. Whether you're giving it to family, kids, friends, lovers, etc it's sure to brighten (or maybe perhaps frighten) their day or night! Each Halloween card is priced at $3 a pop. If you really want something especially scary you can have Dave Dramedy himself write a message to you for $5! That's right, just pay $5 instead of $3 when you place your order and receive a personalized message and drawing just for you (orders for these will be mailed out on Mon Oct 25th)!

Whatever you choose, it will be a BOO-tiful affair! Muhahahahaha. Orders can be placed here, if you dare.


Dave Dramedy x Rawl Of The Dead Part 3

The third and final set of photos from the collaboration between Dave Dramedy and photographer Rawl Of The Dead that happened earlier this year. You can check out the rest of the shoot here!


Dave Dramedy x Rawl Of The Dead Part 2

The second set of photos from the collaboration between Dave Dramedy and photographer Rawl Of The Dead that happened earlier this year. You can check out the rest of the shoot here!


"A Sliver Of Light!" Just For You...

The first Dramedy record, "A Sliver Of Light," is now available for purchase! Containing the songs from “And The Light Goes White” that have been released as music videos, as well as "Light Amalgamation," a 16 page fanzine ONLY available with this release. Due to the unique production of a lathe record, "A Sliver of Light" is LIMITED to just 20 copies. 

You can order your own copy here! Orders start shipping Friday Aug13th!


The Dramedy's FIRST record, "A Sliver Of Light!"

Some exciting news to share. TheDramedy will be releasing it's first ever PHYSICAL RECORD—the first in a series—this coming Friday August 6th! (Just in time for Bandcamp Friday ;).) The record, titled "A Sliver Of Light,” contains the collection of songs from “And The Light Goes White” which have been released as music videos, which include fan favorites such as "Parasite," and “Waiting on You.” 

The record is also a bit unique, as we used an old-school (and experimental) process known as “lathe cut.” They’re made one at a time, by hand, which gives it a more lived-in sound (think of what a record sounded like back in the 40s and 50s). While it has a bit more surface noise than a traditional pressed record, we recommend you CRANK the volume to really hear the album in all it’s glory. 


Because of the nature of the recording, "A Sliver Of Light" is limited to 20 copies. Also included with the record is a 16-page fanzine, which includes outtakes, working lyrics, and other fun stuff related to the making of ATLGW. Preorders are available starting Friday, exclusively on Bandcamp. Orders will ship Friday, August 13th (spooky right?).

New Music Video: "What's Left To Say?"

Concept by Dave Dramedy

Directed by Austin Rodriguez

Produced by Dave Dramedy and Austin Rodriguez

Director of Photography by Josh Gibbons

Lighting & Design by Shannon Lawrence

Make Up by Anastasia Benavides

Production Assistance by Amber Romero

Edited by Austin Rodriguez

"What's Left To Say?" A New Video Friday July 30th!

The Dramedy will be releasing a new music video Friday July 30th for the song "What's Left To Say?" It was directed by Austin Rodriguez from an idea by Dave Dramedy. It's a bit different from what has been released in the past but by no means is it lesser in quality. We're sure you'll enjoy it just as much as we had fun making it.

New Music Video: "The Clock Strikes Heaven"

Directed & Edited by Dave Dramedy 

3D clock graphics by Software Jackal 

Performance footage filmed by Rawl Of The Dead


"The Clock Strikes Heaven" Video Friday May 28th!

The Dramedy's latest music video for "The Clock Strikes Heaven" will be premiering Friday May 28th exclusively at New Noise! The music video was directed and edited by Dave Dramedy, graphics and video compositing by Software Jackal, and additional filming by Rawl Of The Dead. The video will also feature a new "Timepiece Mix" of the song which will be featured on the forthcoming CD version of the album "And The Light Goes White" out in July!


"Keep It A Small’s World After All" Compilation

As we all know, the pandemic has put many businesses in dire straits. One of those businesses that has been severely impacted is an independent venue in the Detroit area called Small's. To help keep Small's afloat an internet benefit compilation has been put together to help raise money for them, a compilation that theDramedy is happy to be take part in. Entitled “Keep It A Small’s World After All," the compilation features 49 bands including Pigface, Actors, NOFX, Assemblage 23, Ego Likeness, Flogging Molly, Heavy Water Factory, Swingin' Utters, Pig, Stoneburner, Haujobb, Descendents, and Murphy's Law among many others.


The compilation can be purchased at here. Small's is coming up on 22 years, help make it 22 more! 


Dave Dramedy x Rawl Of The Dead Part 1

Check out the latest collaboration between Dave Dramedy and the extraordinary Rawl Of The Dead! View the album here.


"And The Light Goes White" pt. 3 (Minus Bob :C)

The third and final entry in the "making of" the album "And The Light Goes White," check it out!


"And The Light Goes White" pt. 2

Part 2 on the "making of" the new album! This time around Dave Dramedy talks about the lyrics writing process as well as recording for the vocals.


Sounds + Shadows Album Review

Another review for the new album "And The Light Goes White!" This time courtesy of "Sounds And Shadows," who lumps The Dramedy in good company alongside Twin Tribes, Christian Death and Aesthetic Perfection to name a few.


"And The Light Goes White" pt. 1

The new website theme is up and to kick it off Dave Dramedy has written a new blog on the "making of" the new album "And The Light Goes White!" It's the first of a series and you can check it out here. 

Francisco 2.jpg

Album Review by The Dramedy's First Fan!

We're just four days away from the release of the new record "And The Light Goes White," and the first review is in! I'm honored that it comes from an important individual in the world of The Dramedy by the name of Francisco Ezequiel. I officially christen Francisco as The Dramedy's first fan (aka public enemy #1) because he was someone who's been there since beginning (at least, who I didn't already know). Given our history, it's only fair that he writes the first review for the new record. So read on! If there's anyone that knows theDramedy it's this man right here!

main photo.jpg

The Light Shines Bright... (03/12/2021) 

After collaborating for the past couple of years, Dave Dramedy and photographer Janine Driskill have established a chemistry based on authenticity. Here they talk about their working relationship and shed light on the session that would ultimately establish the visual theme for the forthcoming album "And The Light Goes White."

"Parasite" Lyric Video & Album Preorders

The lyric video for the new song "Parasite" is now out! I am beyond pleased to be able to share this new piece of Dramedy music with you, so much so that I would like to give it you! Preorder the new album "And The Light Goes White" now by clicking the button below and "Parasite" is yours to play where you want, when you want! ;). It's that simple! Album drops March 19th.



theDramedy will be premiering a lyric music video for the new song "Parasite" on Friday March 5th! "Parasite" is the second song to be released from the forthcoming album "And The Light Goes White." Stay tuned...


UTM Music Group Partnership Announcement

theDramedy is excited to announce its partnership with UTM Music Group to handle all promotions for the forthcoming release! I am beyond pleased with how the new album (titled "And The Light Goes White") has turned out and decided it was time to bring some muscle into the fold to deliver the music to the masses. After corresponding with UTM they were the perfect agency to manage theDramedy promotional needs. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.


Dave Dramedy, February 19th, 2021

The latest set of photographs captured by the always talented Janine Driskill. Check them out here.


We don't know what we're doing, but there's a first for everything... (02/05/2021) 

Dave Dramedy and artist Anne Dandan share their thoughts on making the music video for "Waiting On You."


Friday January 29th, 2021

Dave Dramedy as drawn by artist Anne Dandan. If you haven't checked out our collaborative effort on the music video "Waiting On You" you can do so here! We hope you love it as much as we do. 

New Music Video: Waiting On You (01/22/2021)

I proudly present to you all the brand new music video for the new song "Waiting On You." The version of the song is an exclusive "Ballroom Mix" and will not be available anywhere else.


The video was beautifully illustrated by the wonderful artist Anne Dandan who hand painted each scene. We are thrilled to share this piece of work to you. It's a simple little thing but a lot of heart & soul went into the making of it. I truly believe that it represents the song well. Enjoy!


Waiting On You Video Premiere Fri. Jan 22nd!

The video for the song "Waiting For You" will be premiering next Friday Jan 22nd! It's been a long time in the making and I'm excited to share it. Two things to know about this video: it is the first collaboration (and hopefully not the last!) with artist Anne Dandan; and second it is an exclusive "Ballroom Mix" of the song which will not be available on the new album coming out in March.


So mark your calendars and check back here Friday Jan 22nd! 

promo 1.jpg
tower records.jpg

2020 has passed, now what...?

Dave theDramedy shares his thoughts from the last 9 months of lockdown and other news for theDramedy. Make sure to grab a drink. It's a bit of a long one... ;)

dramedy christmas.jpg


#tbt When theDramedy had limited edition Christmas cards. Merry Christmas everyone and be safe!

10. guitar 5.jpg

September Session (9/17/20) pt. 2

The second and final part of the September Session by Fernando Balzan, check them out here!

4. leopard 2.jpg

September Session (9/17/20) pt. 1

Some photographs taken back in September. It was a loose session, but good fun overall. Photographs were taken by Fernando Balzan and you can check out Part 1 here. Stay tuned for Part 2!


Goths for Sanctuaries Fundraiser

theDramedy's music will be featured in the Goths For Sanctuaries virtual festival happening Thur Sept 24th – 29th. Many bands will be featured throughout the festival including Twin Tribes, The Bellwether Syndicate, Inkubus Sukkubus, Chameleons Vox, Sunshine Blind and the Skeletal Family among others. It is also a fundraiser for animal sanctuaries and rescues around the world. So be sure to tune in here to support the cause. And above all things, have fun!


theDramedy x Janine Driskill: August 23rd 2020

Our friend, the FABULOUS Janine Driskill, knocked it out of the park again with her latest photos of theDramedy! (I think it's safe to say that Ms. Driskill is theDramedy's unofficial "official" photographer!) The shoot was a race against the heat and sun (hello L.A. summer...) so the whole session lasted a whopping 20 minutes! Not only that but the entire band each had places to be directly after. Luckily—being the professionals we are—were able to get to business and really explore some fun shots. Sometimes the best things happen when it's crunch time, and these shots are proof of that. Enjoy! You can view the shoot here.



TheDramedy_Tile_Whole_Artboard 10.png

theDramedy, September 4th 2020

(Photo by Janine Driskill)
recording shot_edited.jpg

WE HAVE BEGUN.... (7/31/2020)

Can you guess what's going on?!